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8 thoughts on “ Rabbit Heart (Raise It Up)

  1. But will it ever be enough? (Raise it up, raise it up) It's not enough (Raise it up, raise it up) Here I am, a rabbit hearted girl. Frozen in the headlights. It seems I've made the final sacrifice. We raise it up, this offering. We raise it up. This is a gift, it comes with a price.
  2. Current track: Rabbit Heart (Raise It Up) Rabbit Heart (Raise It Up) Like. There was a problem playing this track.
  3. Jul 03,  · Editors' Notes Big, bold and baroque, Florence + The Machine’s debut album thrives on drama. Built around the effortless sweep of Florence Welch's voice, and the delicate trills of the harp, it proudly lays its emotions bare, barrelling between suffocating lust on “Drumming Song”, debilitating fear on “Rabbit Heart (Raise It Up)” and the pain of heartbreak on the breathless “Cosmic.
  4. Rabbit Heart (Raise It Up) song meanings Add your thoughts 60 Comments. sort form. View by: Highest Rated; Most Recent; Oldest First +7. My InterpretationI think the song is about a young woman who is afraid of human closeness because of bad experiences she made in her past while she was vulnerable (when she was a child) and now still feels.
  5. Rabbit Heart (Raise it Up) kitsunesongs. Summary: Tobirama, whose second soul is that of a rabbit, the most prey of prey creatures, is used to being considered as useless by his clan - even his father, and his last surviving little brother, Kawarama, both Lion's. After all, only predator shifters are able to become shinobi, and so Tobirama.
  6. " Rabbit Heart (Raise It Up) " is the fourth and lead single from Lungs from Florence + the Machine. The single was released off the Universal Island Record Label and Moshi Moshi Records on June 21, on EP format, and then on June 22, on digital download, CD, 7 inch and 5 inch vinyl format in the UK.
  7. Jul 03,  · About “Rabbit Heart (Raise It Up)”. 3 contributors. Although open to interpretation, the song is a description of what Florence felt whilst on the precipice of fame. I think it was just all.

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